Free Backlinks | SEO Tips

Here is some tips about getting five free backlinks on high PR websites :

  1. Go to, Ehow is a popular website that tells people about how to do things and more .Click on Facebook Join Now / Login button on the top right.

Login using your details and then go to your profile page and click on Edit Profile.

Go to About Me and add some info about yourself and add your website name.

Click on save changes.

2. Go to and create an account if you don’t have one .Login to using your Google account details Click on Edit Profile.

Edit About Me section and add your website link with some info about you.

You can use this as an example: My name is Steve and I am from London. I am the owner of Lathe Machine Manufacturer Group

3. Go to and register in the forum. Login to using your account details to the forum and click on your user name and then click on user cpanel then edit your details.

Enter your information and your website URL then save the changes.

Try to make a new post or just respond to other posts in the forum.

4. Go to and register an account.

Login to your account and click on Getting Started and then click on update profile link

Add short info about yourself including link to your website.

5. Go to and register an account there as well

Click on your Profile link and add some info about yourself and include a link to your website.

You will be able to add friends or create posts in this websites, Try to add some friends and post new threads and you are done, After a while you will be able to see you one way backlinks from this sites .

Lathe machine | Surface grinder | Tool and cutter Grinder | Milling Machine | Shaper Machine | 3 jaw chuck | 4 jaw chuck | Hacksaw Machine | Power Hacksaw | Hydraulic Hacksaw | Bandsaw Machine | Horizontal Bandsaw | Metal Working Bandsaw | Drilling Machine | Bench Drill | Pillar Drill | Hydraulic Press | Limo Service Sfo Airport | Limo Service San Francisco Airport | Town Car Service Sfo Airport | Town Car Service San Francisco Airport | Car Service Sfo Airport | Limo Service SJC Airport | Limo Service San Jose Airport | Town Car Service SJC Airport | Town Car Service San Jose Airport | Car Service San Jose Airport | You Can Enjoy Traveling With Town Car Service San Jose AirportWhy Avail Of Limo Service San Francisco Airport? | The Best Town Car Service San Francisco Airport | Awesome Limo Service San Jose Airport


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