What People Don’t (Try To) Understand About SEO


So you have a website that promotes your business. You want to sell some great products or services through your website. You want people to come visit your website and actually buy something from you. You have heard about SEO, and you have hired a SEO company that has promised 10k visitors in a month. Then they have delivered on it.

How about that? Isn’t that good?

Actually, no; this is still not the real thing. So what if you are getting 10,000 visitors to your site? Are they actually staying on your site? Are they spending time looking around? Are they actually buying something? Are you making money? That’s the real question you have to ask yourself, and if the answer is no, then you are not doing something right.

Most times, a high visit website that manages to make no money for the owner lacks in one area alone – quality of content. You may be able to bring people to your site, but if you cannot entice them to stay and buy (what we SEO guys call a “conversion”), it’s most often because though they have arrived at your site, they consider that a mistake. Your site’s content, whatever it is, was not what they were looking for; so they bounced off your site quickly.

Please make sure to inscribe this somewhere prominent if you are running an e-commerce website – Content is King. Unless you have worthwhile content that is useful or interesting to the visitor, it is no use just having good SEO. People will come, but people will not stay, and people will not buy.

Content is King. If you are selling a particular brand of product, make your site the ultimate resource about that product. Suppose you sell Lathe Machine for Industrial Firms. Make your site an immense resource on this particular topic. Take out interesting information of your Machines, scan them and post them on your site, with a “Buy Lathe Machine” option, of course. Get someone to write an interesting, uses and benefits of Lathe Machines, and include videos and audios. Then add a “Purchase Lathe Machine” option. Arrange for a quiz contest on that Machine, and offer something as a 1st Prize, maybe even a visit to wherever the person comes from. Again, add your “Buy Lathe Machine” option. Add a blog about latest events concerning Lathe Machine, or the broad subject area of your business. Let visitors post comments; they will come back to check if someone has replied to their comments. Add a forum where visitors can discuss your products, or their broader subject areas. Then add your “Purchase Lathe Machine” option somewhere prominent.

Do you see what I am driving at? Sell your business almost as an afterthought, by way of offering substantial information on your niche area. This is stealth marketing, and people like that approach. If people like your content, and don’t feel an overwhelming marketing effort around your website, they will buy the Machine that you offer. They will simply think it is a recommendation from you; someone they have come to know is knowledgeable about that subject area.

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