It is a security system which does not require even a single wire around your home and business .CCTV cameras transit audio and video signals. From top to bottom these are wireless as they are battery powered. These cameras allow a person to record criminal activities one can monitor its staff from home. These are also helpful to review footage of later date. They are very popular today as they have low cost of installation.

CCTV cameras are used for surveillance. They send or receive data through internet and computer network. It has various advantages as its flexibility, Encryption and authentication. We all should thanks to CCTV cameras as we can monitor our home if we are on work or we can monitor our staff if we are out from the work place. CCTV cameras are cheap and best option for the security purpose

Installation of CCTV cameras is very easy and they are not very costly so that one can easily afford it. All the criminal activities get recorded in it even the past records can be seen easily. That’s why in ATM machine cabin CCTV cameras are always there to record any of the theft or criminal activity if occur for the safety purpose. It has made our life tension- free.

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