Responsive Ideas in web designing: an inspiration to create website look cool

A fine looking Web design is made up of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery like programming codes. The latest trends to follow in web designing must be known.

  • Make images responsive using a percentage
  • Use simple typefaces like Calibri, Arial for readable text
  • Use box-shadow property for boxes and Divs to provide slim 3D effect to your webpage
  • You can use property text-shadow for typography using the color opposite of your font like white for dark text or black for light text
  • Control responsiveness with properties like min-width, max-width, min-height and max-height. Two properties as min-width and max-width help create websites for mobiles and desktops
  • Incorporate media rule in HTML file as: <link href=”style.css” rel=”stylesheet” media=”all and (max-width: 1024px)”> and in CSS as @media all and (max-width: 1024px) {…} and @import url(style.css) all and (max-width:1024px){…}
  • For media types between 800 and 1024px, use @media all and (max-width: 800px) and (max-width: 1024px) {…}
  • For selecting a particular orientation(landscape or portrait) of only screens devices, use media query as @media only screen and (orientation: portrait){…}
  • To set resolution use min-resolution: 300dpi
  • For viewports under 420px float: none is used for sections

GPS software: Real-time fleet management solution

GPS system provides information regarding transportation that eventually maximizes productivity. GPS system focuses on providing innovation mapping solutions in real time to fleet while driving to their destinations. This has lead to excellence in performance when monitoring service. It performs functions like location monitoring, optimal performance measurement, fuel efficiency and best route to plan.

This is full service trucking solution that helps to improve security via direct information. Dispatching, tracking, safety, real-time visibility with directions are all in one system. The intelligent device gathers flexible vehicle tracking information to allow you to take the most optimal decision that impact business results. Driver follow turn-by-turn navigation guides checking out fuel efficient passage and traffic. The system displays real time location, speed of the vehicle, truck route, commercial mapping, mileage and hours driven to drive efficiently.

Further intuitive features notify driver about unsafe driving or routing with street mapping beforehand. This benefits faster delivery at your reach thereby low vehicle maintenance and saving of fuel. The navigation device receives information via satellites to look for destination along the current chosen path. All of these characteristics adds up the smooth business working and greater customer service.

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It is a security system which does not require even a single wire around your home and business .CCTV cameras transit audio and video signals. From top to bottom these are wireless as they are battery powered. These cameras allow a person to record criminal activities one can monitor its staff from home. These are also helpful to review footage of later date. They are very popular today as they have low cost of installation.

CCTV cameras are used for surveillance. They send or receive data through internet and computer network. It has various advantages as its flexibility, Encryption and authentication. We all should thanks to CCTV cameras as we can monitor our home if we are on work or we can monitor our staff if we are out from the work place. CCTV cameras are cheap and best option for the security purpose

Installation of CCTV cameras is very easy and they are not very costly so that one can easily afford it. All the criminal activities get recorded in it even the past records can be seen easily. That’s why in ATM machine cabin CCTV cameras are always there to record any of the theft or criminal activity if occur for the safety purpose. It has made our life tension- free.

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Standards in Web Designing

Standards in Web Designing

Logo is the business identity so keep it on the top left corner of each page on the site. Place contact information like phone number, email in the top right corner of each page. Use search feature in the header section. Use sign up, social icons and subscribe to email updates in the footer.

For mobile friendliness, site should be responsive web designed. For this, various different tools are used  that create a hybrid of workflow such as Dreamweaver which is popular software tool or editor to create HTML pages including CSS, XML, PHP and much more.

Web designer use Photoshop to create website mockups or design individual elements to use in the website. It has many features like quick color fills, brush tool and many more.

There should be effective use of images that enhances user experience and thus increase conversion sales. Use real people images of good quality and optimize the proper file size of the images.

Choose a typeface which is readable and size should be at the least 12px for body. Line-height property which specifies the vertical distance between lines should be 1.5 which is damn good size for larger blocks. Try to prefer black over white background and be aware of contrast of your text.

Choose a pleasing color scheme that represents your company, brand and service. The most used colors by many designers are blue, red, black and yellow creates harmony in design. Colors are so powerful to grab audience’s attention.


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